Bonus Years

Mid-life is when the really BIG stuff CAN happen!


Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “probably the happiest period in life….. is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun…”


John, my significant other of 20+ years, and I have long admired the lives of our dearest friends, John and Gay Smyth, especially because of the way they are living out their “bonus years”!


John and Gay retired from their day jobs almost 10 years ago after John (who worked in accounting and sales) carefully forecasted the money needed to live comfortably and travel freely. Of course, they pursue hobbies and other interests, and love spoiling their grandchildren, but their frequent adventures on the road are what get them out of bed in their bonus years.


Have you figured out what the bonus years are yet?


My friend Kate Coughlin coined the phrase (or maybe someone else did, but she’s the 1st person I heard it from) referring to the extra 20-30 (on average) years of healthy productive life we are living today.


Did you know that we are the first generation in history – and on the planet today – to experience this remarkable gift?


Kate’s been exploring this newly discovered stage of life for some time now and recently made the gutsy decision to leave her secure high level position for a 3 month hiatus to Europe to experience first hand how the Europeans spend their mid-life years. Truly, she’s on an adventure of a lifetime and – no surprise here – she’s having the time of her life! Mind you, she’ll need to find work again when she returns – Kate’s a single mother of 3 young adult sons and not independently wealthy – but she figured, if not now…..,WHEN???


John and Gay, in their prime of lives, take multiple well-planned trips (Gay’s an expert travel planner who knows how to find the coolest immersive experiences) to places far and near throughout the year! At this moment, they’re somewhere deep in the back roads of Norway enjoying high tea al fresco. Their pic of the vivid brightly colored landscape is breathtaking.


Click on link to Kate’s blog and enjoy candid and uplifting musings while she journeys solo along the historic El Camino Santiago trail. The best part of this adventure is that Kate has no idea what she’ll do when she returns in 3 months but she firmly believes the answer will reveal itself somewhere along this well travelled byway.


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